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About Karmel

Karmel Nair was born a Catholic, is married to a Hindu, and practises the Buddhist way of life. Before turning to Tarot she worked in a media house and as a successful RJ with leading radio stations.

Then Tarot happened and opened up a new world of experience and discovery. Karmel went on to become one of the leading Tarot readers in Mumbai and also did television shows. She turned to Vipassana and meditation to deal with the persistent vacuum she felt despite her success. An increasing absorption in her knowledge of the self led to the realization that we are all here with a purpose, to serve a calling and that the more we align with the same the more we are enriched in life.

Equipped with a Masters’ degree in Psychotherapy and her skills as a Tarot reader, Karmel found herself in a position to help people get a glimpse of what the future had in store for them and to mitigate the negatives through correct steps and actions. She adviced and helped many people from all walks of life – sad, curious, distressed, heartbroken people – who came to her for a glimpse of the future and, more importantly, to deal with their grief.

Besides being a Tarot Reader and Life Coach, Karmel diversified her skills to become an International best selling Author of the first ever Tarot Book of Predictions. She is the first author to have ever written a book of predictions using Tarot Cards as a medium and this has given her an international following. She wrote the book’s first edition Tarot Predictions 2015 which was released in five countries by Mills and Boons, thereafter Tarot Predictions 2016, 2017, 2018 were released by Harper Collins in 11 countries and now her latest book "Tarot Predictions 2019 are available in leading stores near you.

Her first book sold over 76,000 copies while the 2016 editions did over 1,26,000 copies. She is in the midst of writing her 53rd book which revolves around the qualities of 12 star signs as perceived by the 12 personality Tarot Cards.

While she juggles her work as a writer and Tarot Reader, Reading the cards for her clients and foretelling their future especially in matters of heart remains her area of focus. She mentions that most of her clients or rather 80% of her clientele come to her with matters of heart and she uses her skills of being a Psychic, qualified counsellor and as a well read individual to guide her patrons gently into what holds for them in future and also help them shape their life.