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Come, Know your Destiny and achieve everything that you always wanted in your life!!

 Hello and Thank you for visiting us. Welcome to the world of Transformation.

If you’re reading this it means you have realized that there is something missing in your life, to which you either need an answer to or you may just find yourself realizing that it’s about time you changed your life entirely and took complete control of it.  Here, our objective is to take you to the next unexplored level of your life where you not only get answers to questions but also can bring about a profound positive change lasting a life time!


A Tarot Reader will reveal the unknown to you guiding you to shape up your life, knowing what awaits you in the future.  You can read more about what Karmel, the Celebrity Tarot Reader has to offer through Tarot Cards and interesting Tarot Card Readings if you click on Tarot.


Numerology is the science to numbers and Karmel as a Psychic and a Life counselor offers services with the combination of both the metaphysical and scientific approach. The knowledge of numbers will help you bring in positive energy and create positive chakras in your Life. For more click on Numerology.

Life Counselor

If you are hearing this term the first time, let us explain the essence of a life counselor to you. A life Counselor is one who understands the importance of developing others. She is selfless, knowledgeable, trained, intuitive, nonjudgmental, objective, and offers a three-dimensional perspective of life and living. You can learn more about How Karmel can help you as a Life Counselor if you click Life Counselor.


Name: Sharon James
Designation: CPA

Comments: Before meeting Karmel, I had met with 2 other tarot readers. However their prediction didn't come true. I was not sure whether Karmel's prediction would be true or not. But things happened, exactly as she predicted.
Most important thing is that, when I met her, she gave me positive thoughts. She awakened my power of positive thinking i.e. law of attraction. That was the turning point of my life. I am taking benefit of the law of attraction in my daily life.
My friend also experienced the same thing when he met Karmel.
I am thankful to Karmel  

Name: Sapna
Designation: Media Professional

Comments: I approached Karmel, the tarot reader, at a time when I really needed some counsel, a direction as to where I was headed towards. Since I don't stay in in the city, I've never met her, only spoken on the phone, for both my sessions. However, I felt immediately connected, because she is so assuring and so good with her advice. More than a tarot card reader, she's a friend who one can rely on. Also, what's really nice about her is she is extremely prompt and will reach out to you, no matter what, no matter where. She's been very accurate with her predictions and I was quite surprised by what she revealed to me. Karmel, thanks so much for being there for me, at a time when I needed it the most. It has been such a pleasure knowing you. 


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